Real Love Pt. 2

As a continuation of my older post.. I definitely believe that true love exists, but it's not the Disney fair tales that are fed to us as children. Real love takes hard work and dedication and in my opinion is very rewarding and worth it if you find the right person. It's a bond/friendship, it's having a deep relationship with someone and being there to lean on each other through thick and thin. I don't think it comes around very often and a lot of the time, people who say they are in love are in "lust".. but it does exist. The problem with our society is that a lot of people come from troubled families, divorced parents, and broken homes, and because of this, they don't know how to work through problems and instead bail at the first sign of trouble. If you want a loving monogamous relationship you have to both be working toward the same things and have similar core values or chances are it will never work. It also helps for both people to come from fami…

My sense of Entitlement.

My sense of entitlement comes from within. Once upon a time, I looked in the mirror and wanted to be somebody else. I wasn't 100% sold on who I was? I had tons of flaws I didn't like or respect. And then I thought about all of the characteristics, and traits that I valued in other people. Traits such as Honesty, Integrity, Character, Boldness, Sincerity, Independence, Charm, Charisma, Sense of Humor, etc, etc. And I thought to myself, why am I admiring other people when that person could be me?? I should be admiring myself!!

So, I went on a mission to be the best person possible. I wanted to look in the mirror one day and be the person I admired and respected most. I never wanted to meet a person I respected more than myself. And as far as I'm concerned, I don't know a single person I'd rather be than ME. Once I became this person. And I respected myself with 100% authentic belief, my confidence went through the Roof and I felt super entitled to everything and anyth…

You earn feeling good through experience.

Through experience, you gain competence, which of course will also make you feel good. I know how to swim, ski, ride a bike, play soccer, etc. I feel good doing all of these. But I don't constantly have to be doing ANY of these to feel good about myself. So how the can I feel good about myself then, if I'm not doing them? I'm sitting here behind a keyboard and I feel a million bucks. What's the logical reason for this?

Of course my ability to do these is based on a psychological construct, otherwise I wouldn't even be able to walk, talk... anything.

Sometimes I feel good because I'm in the moment, mindfully immersed in what I'm doing. I'm not thinking of the past or future, because that'll take away my awareness from the moment. Being in the moment (being immersed in the moment) makes you feel good, regardless of what the moment is. It is about allowing awareness and unity of mind to exist. This is the core of self-esteem. Self-esteem is not a THING t…

Being together.

You can care about, admire, respect, be impressed/intrigued/inspired by a person for a lifetime if they're awesome enough in your eyes. If it's comfortable and you're happy, and you're headed down the same path... why not do it together?

Most people stop trying, and our culture doesn't exactly encourage relationship longevity anymore, so there's no reason to stay with someone once the honeymoon phase wears off. Things get boring, you move on. Issues pop up, and rather than resolve them, you pile more on top. Rather than put in effort, you start picking fights and being an ass, or focusing on the negative, always looking for reasons to leave instead of reasons to stay.

Then when it doesn't work out, people play the blame game or make excuses, which is a pile of crap. If you're compatible and both parties truly WANT to be together and make a relationship last, they can, and they can be happy doing it.

I know too many happy (and brutally honest) old couples t…

Real Love.

Real love... it's definitely out there. I've had it before.

Been on the rocks a lot in our relationship. We've fought to what felt like our last breath, yet have survived through hard work and a commitment to each other.

Can't tell ya all how many times dudes and chicks alike told us there's no hope for our relationship and yet every time my ex and I have eventually come out stronger than before. Hard work. Commitment. A willingness to hold onto hope and faith with a death grip.

We belong to each other and we know this, the intimacy and connection is an epiphany that shouts "This is what it's all about man! This is the kind of love you were born to give.".

Most guys around don't hesitate to shoot down any bro's aspirations of looking for a true relationship with a girl, callin' him a beta b1tch and such....sure to be disappointed if he doesn't just bang s1uts and live up the single life going to clubs every weekend.

Look, some of us are coo…

Why is it so hard for some people to let go?

I guess it's that fear of the unknown that keeps us hanging on to hope that the last person we were with will change and things can work out for us afterall. Even if in our hearts we know that person is no good for us there is a part that tells us as bad as this person is for us at least we know what it is we got. This is called living in the past instead of facing the present - the reality at hand.. it is fear of the unknown. We're afraid of the present or, more importantly.. ourselves (our inability to stand sufficiently alone because of our own weaknesses). The inablity to "let go" is your attachment/craving of that individual. That comes from your own weakness, fears, and insecurities. That "person" so to speak... masked things that are broken and that need fixing. Your resistance to the current moment, what it says about your character, and the change it subtly dictates is necessary in your life is what makes things hard.

Pain is an indication that you …

Is communication the key aspect to a relationships success?

I beg to differ.

White knights and feminists want you to think that working out problems will result in a strong relationship with your partner. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although you may be able to resolve arguments and issues you need to ask yourself a question, why do they arise?

Perhaps there truly is a valid conflict at hand, and that it must be resolved. But 95% of the time, it's complete and utter irrelivance. Silly bickering that has no core issue. Unjust arguments, sparked by the urge to corrupt the other's resolve. So what changed, why did a perfectly good relationship turn sour? What flew out the window, that held the Jenga tower of love together?

Respect. That's what's missing.

I believe this is the single most important trait in a relationship. With respect comes trust, and admiration. Key pillars to upholding a strong bond between a couple. The second respect is lost, then that is the moment things begin to go downhill. When disrespect rear…

The Axiom of Life

Been doing some thinking over the past week, and I've come upon an axiom that one should base their approach to life around.

This axiom is applicable to most attachments, interactions and relationships in life.
But is above all absolutely central to "romantic" relationships. Be they marriages, long-term dating, flings, hook-ups etc...

The Axiom is this...

The only way to keep something, and truly love and enjoy the experience, is not be afraid to lose it.

There is nothing in life that, outside of offspring, that person shouldn't be able to walk away from cleanly and with resolve if it became dishonorable and emotionally detrimental to stay with.

This goes for a job, a woman, a friendship or a possession.

A man has to be complete in and unto himself. Everything else, with the noted single exception of his offspring, is an addendum. If it works on your terms fantastic. If not then you can not be reluctant to let it go or cut it loose.

That's why a person should pursue what…

Travelling Alone.

Hey guys! After a long Hiatus I'm back! 
Today's topic is about travelling alone.
Personality and Financial Means It definitely takes a certain type of personality to be able to do this without fear. First, you have to be outgoing and adventurous (if you want to meet other people, which is half the fun!). Second, you have to have the means. Of course, you have to be able to afford it and I would advise against putting yourself into too much debt for the trip. The best way is to work and save enough for a month or a couple of months and if you live at home, then that's even better as you probably don't have too many bills. Now that your finances are in order, the next step is to pick a location. An easy choice would be Europe, as all the countries are so close to each other that it makes travelling around easy. My favourite spots were London, Munich and Barcelona.. I was even lucky enough to attend Oktoberfest in Munich, and that was a hell of a time!
Comfort Level My ad…

Does marijuana enhance creativity? or make you dumber?

I believe that when you are under the influence… you have a very small fleeting moment of clarity, ingenuity, creativity, and everything in the world makes sense..

Then you either snap out of it, or fall asleep and wake up with everything you imagined gone. You might be able to pull out a few bits and pieces of your high to benefit you, but its mostly just a very temporary fleeting moment.

I could never do it every day, that to me is a pathetic escape from reality, that leads to depression, addiction, and complacency..
but if you know how to save it for a rainy day, or use it sparingly in preparation for being creative, preparing yourself to come up with something grand.. then YES it is very much worth it.
but like I said, I could not smoke everyday like alot of people now and I see that as a problem more than a self enlightenment.

People are abusing it now, weed is getting laced or combined with other things nowadays to create more enhanced effects so you have to be careful with wh…