Be glad about experiencing love at all.

Movies... have strayed the perception of love and relationships. Old plays like Romeo and Juliet, its all fairy tales and happily-ever-afters, but in the real world, its completely different.  Now, when a relationship ends, 99% of the time there is no perfect moment where the couple makes up
and ends up with each other forever like seen in the movies. To some, "love" comes and goes, to others, they remain faithful and try their best to make 
their current love last forever.

We never forget about the ones we loved and what was shared, but our only option is to move on, because life is too short.
Some people move on quickly, for others its harder, but no matter why or how the relationship ended.. the good times, the emotions, the memories...
they are all very real and are one of the best feelings one can ever have.

But nowaday for youngsters, its like love has turned into a "fad" instead of a feeling. Guys want independence, sexiness and brains in a women,
its like wearing brand name clothes; they're not in it for the love, they're in it for the status, the looks, and the appeal.
Theres a lot of materialistic love on the market, and most of it is conditional. But don't get me wrong, there are also young couples out there with
true love, or what they perceive it to be, for those people I am happy. But when something so beautiful that a couple has between them ends, the most important thing is to remember not to be sad that the love is over, but to be glad that you ever loved at all.

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