Females with more guy friends than girl friends

Avoid them. They will say they have a lot of guy friends because they "get along" better with guys than girls and it's strictly platonic, but in reality they are just plain attention whores. I have a lot of male friends that have girl friends and they'd bang almost every single one of them given the chance and they don't hang with them all the time like a bro. At the end of the day it is still two different genders where one is waiting on the chance to smash the other.

I especially love when they say "I get along with guys more than girls, i'm not like any girls. hate drama"...they are the biggest fucking drama queens out there. AVOID THEM.
Those guys she keeps around are called orbiters/drivers/chodes/providers/male groupies/sponsors. In other words, they drive her around, pay for her lunch/dinner, buys her stuff, walks her dog, lets her copy hw answers, does favors for her, etc. You get the point.

Most likely she is used to getting stuff, affection, attention from those guys and will expect the same from you while she gives nothing in return.
Also, a huge sign of daddy issues. Seeking acceptance and attention from many males is never a good thing.

The only exception is an obvious dyke chick (you know the type, dresses and acts like a dude, not always ugly either), and I've even seen some of those try to hook up with their guy friends on occasion. it's nature i guess.

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