Never take a second of your life for granted. There's no telling when it can change for the worst permanently, or be gone in the blink of an eye. Life is too short to be scared.

Spend your disposable income on experiences, not items that will become obsolete in months. An XBox and Gears 3 does nothing but take away from your time on earth and shove it into a false reality for weeks on end. That same money will buy you gas money for an 8-hour drive round-trip, two nights through Hotwire on the beach, and some nice meals.

Never stop exercising and eating well. You'll feel like crap otherwise. And who knows, being healthy could save your life one day. 

Don't get wrapped up on the computer. It's fun for pleasure every now and then, but spending hours a day staring at walls of text and the same pictures over and over again won't make you a better person. 

Fap once a week. It's hard to do at first, but once you get to that point, you will realize how alive you feel on days 4, 5, and 6. Give it a shot and tell me different. Girls look at you different, too. It may be pheromones, but whatever.

Every supplement besides creatine, whey, and your multi (plus fish oil) are crap. Don't waste your money, instead, reinvest your money in your experiences.

Go to college. If not for the education, do it for the social experience that you will walk away with, and the contacts you will have made. Trust me, it's worth it, degree or not.

Shy away from extreme religious obsessions. In the words of someone, religion is like a penis. Don't whip it out in public and don't shove it down my kids' throats.

Laugh 15 minutes every day. Sweat for 15 minutes every day, whether it be at the end of a workout, the end of rock climbing, the last 15 minutes of a hike, or the end of a nice sex session.

Be positive. The more negative you are, the more negative those around you will be. If you suck, you will gravitate to those that suck.

Do something different. Walk around on a nude beach. Take $300 and take off into the night, not stopping until you decide to turn around, however many days that takes.

Stop arguing all the time. Whether your opinion is right or your opinion is wrong, if the opposing party cares enough about their belief that they will continue to argue, you won't change your mind. Don't waste your time being frustrated. Life is too short.

After you turn 21, days start flying by.

Regret nothing. Everything you do, good or bad, is part of the intricate story that is called your life. The last chapter is a surprise to everyone, including yourself. Make your story as long and interesting as possible.

Do something monumental. Something that you can tell someone else about, and they will always be impressed. I've got my monumental achievement already. What do you have?


I wake up every morning happy that I'm still around. It's a great feeling, sick or not. Life is surprisingly interesting when you wake up everyday thinking in the back of your head "I wonder if this is the last (insert date here) I'll ever see. I think I'll do something fun to mark the occasion".

Be safe, but be exciting. Be smart, but be bold about it. And most of all, get along with your brothers and sisters. I love you guys.

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