I would say I'm a pretty smart guy - unfortunately, it has made me mostly depressed. Not in the emo-depressed mode that we all know depression as - but the depression that you know a lot about a lot of things - you see things for how they are.

The reality of life is we're just passing through - some people will leave a mark but in the end they end up in the same place as everyone else.

Love is a chemical reaction in your head that fades over time. People get married/settle down out of convenience/personal benefits instead of love for the most part. If it is "love", then those people are finding ways to continuously spark chemicals in their heads.

Chasing money has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of - why people spend 100 hours a week at a job for 15 years to "move up the ladder" is absolutely bat sh*t insane to me. Basically, they just want a big house, prestige, and nice cars. They give up time for money - time is the most valuable thing we have on this planet and if you don't believe that you are nuts.

What's the best way to live life? However you want, I guess. Some people follow religion, some people follow 
some "code of honor", some people become drug addicts. In the end we all end up in the same place though.

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