I watched the movie Inception a while back, the whole ride home all I did was think, didn't even listen to music. I just couldn't help but think of whether or not everything around us was real. 

What if, in death, we awake from this simulation? What if we are in a simulation inside a simulation? What if when we "die," we go into another simulation, and the truth is humans have actually mastered immortality and so far this is the only way they know how to do it? I've been meaning to see the movie "Surrogates" as well. 

I'd consider myself a very logical/rational person. So I am definitely not saying that I don't think this "life" is real, or that it isn't our only one, but being rational means being open to possibility, especially when the opposite can't be proven. 

I've always been afraid of not existing, but this movie has proven to me a passage that I read from Plato's "Apology," that it is more rational to fear things you know about than what you don't know about. Socrates said that in death, we don't know the consequences so it is irrational to fear them. Seeing this movie brought that idea to my attention even more. 

Therefore, I do not fear death, and this may help eradicate all fears I have.

Also, I have VERY lucid dreams pretty often, and have actually had a dream inside a dream a few times. I often have dreams and realize they are dreams and go do whatever I want in them, though they never last long after this realization. I've been awake at times, either really high or just pretty tired where I asked myself "could this be a dream?".

I know I'm leaving a lot of thoughts out, but I am really just speechless really. I actually felt like crying in the car due to the simple fact that I don't know, nobody does, and nobody ever will until death. 

That being said, this may either lead me to insanity by trying to comprehend reality, or lead me to a paradoxical bliss even though it seems depressing.

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