Love.. who says it first?

So.. this topic was brought up during a conversation between myself and a couple of friends. In a relationship, who says "I love you first?"

My opinion - times have changed, and so should men.

Based on the climate today, I think it's best for the woman to say it first, and then for the man to see (based on proof), whether he actually believes her.

When it's the other way around, it gives the woman an upper hand. And there's already WAY too much of that going on these days. Females have too much power in their relationships, so there's no need to fuel the flames.

It was wonderful when men proclaimed their 'love' back in the old days, but these are different times, and women simply don't appreciate a man's love the way their foremothers did. Now it's similar to the notch on the bed, with 'love' being the female's version of conquest.

So if a woman does truly love 'you,' and all that you bring to the table, she will have no shame in saying this upfront, and then also backing this up via action. And she'll have no problem with who says what first.

Any female that plays the 'love' game with a man (waiting for him to say it first), is most likely playing it for the game, as opposed to the love. True love is shameless, so dudes should hold out for at least that.

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