Men are more Emotional than Women?

According to this article, Men are more emotional than Women:

My thoughts:

Women feel a more variety of emotions in a given situation, but in a specific situation, a Man feels more DEEPER emotions than a Woman... In my opinion at least, from our deepest felt emotions combined with our logic and creativity, arises our greatest achievements, Music, Art, Ideas, all of that, it comes from the deep emotions we feel when we are really engaged in something... 

What I'm trying to say is, Men are more logical, creative, TECHNICAL (We ANALYZE everything in our minds, weather we know it or not, we are always analyzing things, figuring out how to make them work or how to destroy them, in relationships this holds true) and also more emotional, except how we deal with our emotions in conjunction with our other natural traits is much different.

Women are similar to a child when it comes to the emotional scale, while Men are on our own level.

Remember that throughout history, Men who have gone through emotional problems and strife have brought to life great things, and also horrible things... We are MUCH more complex then Women, rightfully so, Women aren't as complex as they are defective.

I also believe that men evolutionarily and biologically contain a deeper love then women. As love can be analogous to an "investment" in the opposite sex. Ill explain why;

In a hunter-gatherer society

Men would have to choose a mate; as an investment for whom they would provide for.

Men would hunt for food, build the home, protect the woman from rape, rival tribes, animals, etc

therefore, when a man would choose a particular female; He would not to be very sure!

On the otherhand, men have always died at arguably younger ages then women. Therefore when their "providers" died, it was made easier for the women to get over there ephemeral "providers", by not having them have these "love-attachment" psychological dependencies; therefore a woman could meet another cave dweller to provide for her. 

Women are the emotional beings while men are the logical. Men are just as emotional but our "emotions" are not as "thinnly spread", the Maslov intelligences that provided that women were more "emotionally intelligent" was highly flawed; in that women simply provide more emphasis on social relationships from sociological settings

For example:

Eating out alone is taboo. If you are at a table by yourself it is socially uncomfortable or looked down upon etc. Men are 9/10 more likely to eat alone in a restaurant while women are not. This is due to many reasons; one big one is that men are more willing to take socially self-depracting risks. While women are not. Most single men eat out. Most single women eat in. This also has other factors; like women are more able to cook etc but for the most part I am drawing the same conclusion; that was taken from the article that stated that humor is masculine- since its self-deprecating in nature etc socialy risky* 

The point is that you cannot judge a man/womans emotional/social intelligence based off social/extroversion perceptions in such a simple manner, which is what Maslov did. If a person does not care about math, and fails because he does not do his homework it does not mean his brain has less of a capacity for math then another mans. People place emphasis on different things and society/evolution forces us people to do so.

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