The deal with confident girls.

1. Confident girls can come in two categories.

a. Confident but they know it and they use this to their advantage.
b. Confident and just generally nice as pie and easy to get along with.

There is a fine line between being confident and Nice or confident and arrogant and full of themselves. 

I personally am not attracted to girls that know they are hot and use that to their benefit. There are girls out there who are just generally nice and confident but don't use it as an advantage. these girls are diamonds in the rough.

I find that if a girl is confident and knows it they would be more inclined to possibly cheat (for want of a better word) or lap up attention that they crave. 

For insecure guys, just being yourself and not caring what anybody thinks, will make this whole "oh she's too good for me/too confident for me" mentality dissapear in minutes. People hang on what people think about them far too much and this is detramental to their own self esteem and confidence. 

Once you master the art of not giving a ****, that is when you will find yourself as a person and be more happy within yourself as a person..... hence ....more confidence.

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