Unconditional Love

Since I'm into the concept of challenging all the BS that we're expected to accept "just because", I figured I'd throw this out there for discussion;

What does unconditional love mean to you?

Do you believe it (honestly) exists?

The standard notion (correct me if I'm wrong) is that you love someone no matter what - through anything - and always will.

To me, that's impossible. You can't "love someone unconditionally forever". What if they cheat on you? What if they kill your mother? You wouldn't still love them.

IMO, you can't even love someone "unconditionally", at least not honestly...
What if they gained 150lbs? You're telling me you'd still "love" them? You'd be repulsed by them - but you'd feel so guilty about it you'd have to lie.

What if, after marriage, they turned into a total bitch, lied to you, betrayed you, stole from you, talked sht to you 24/7? Wouldn't your love change based on that condition?

What if you found out they had a shit fetish and used to have groups of guys shit in their mouth? You'd think less of them, but feel guilty about it and not be able to say so.

So is "unconditional" love just another farce that we have to "agree" to even though we really don't deep down? Or do you guys seriously believe that you can love someone NO MATTER WHAT?

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