What happens when we die?

Life is the interpretation of the vibrations of touch sight and sound that your brain translates to.
Basically either if you believe in god or the big bang. we all come from and are made of the same material of this source.
So when we die we cease to be an individual peice of the source and become part of the whole as a flowing energy instead of a mass.
Kinda of like taking one drop of water out of the ocean, it is seperate until it falls back to the source and becomes just one body of water.
Imagine god not having a "form" but just simply being everyone all at once with the free will to make our own mistakes but to see it from a 
spectator point of view.
There is no such thing as a soul. It's just a social construct. Your conciousness is produced 100% by your brain, an organic material. When you die, your brain stops functioning so you no longer are concious. The atoms that make you up are constantly recycled while you are alive and when you die, they go on to become other types of matter and the basis for your conciousness desolves.
Your inquisition ultimately begs the ancient question of separation between mind(consciousness) and matter(physical existence). ie. is consciousness an independent entity from physical matter? or is consciousness an intrinsic property of matter?

from my observation of reality, consciousness can be a manifestation of three different possible scenarios.

1. consciousness is indistinguishable from physical matter, non-separability from reality.
2. consciousness must be supported by a system of relative complexity
3. consciousness can exist without physical or any type systems.

the third options hints at consciousness after structural decay (death), this begs the question where in certain parallel universes, consciousness can potentially exist without presence of anything. However within this current world, all signs point to the 1st and 2nd assumptions. 

I'd also like to add that the universe/reality/existence is incredibly vast. we humans with our diminutive processing capacities are awe-struck with the sheer complexity of biological structures that can occur in nature. however given the scope of existence, perhaps consciousness and biological life can be viewed as rather simple and unimportant in relative to the infinity. I am certain there are things (for a lack of better descriptions) that are infinitely superior, more complex, more important than the existence of biology and consciousness.
Its really sad when you think about it, what we have now, what were trying to achieve, what our goals are, who our familes/friends, in due time all these will forgotten once we pass on... like once we're gone, we're gone, there are no second chances... maybe there is a second world out there. I really hope so. Kinda sucks that what we learn in this life will all be gone once we die, but maybe if there is another world we will still have those memories.

That's why you gotta make the best of your time here.

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