Forever Alone Guide

Got this from a friend, a guide on how to become not forever alone.

1.: POSITIVITY: Before you move on to confidence and all the other stuff that miscers here advocate, you need to replace all those negative thoughts in your head with positive thoughts. I'm fully aware this is very hard, but the first thing you need to work on is to become aware of your thoughts, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy. As soon as a negative thought pops up in your brain, become aware of it, and tell yourself to stop thinking that. I know it's easier said than done, but this is VERY IMPORTANT and you need to control that negativity in you, and replace it with happier thoughts.

2.: CONFIDENCE: Once you are able to achieve positive thoughts, you can have a sense of belief in yourself, i.e. confidence. Confidence is very key for all aspects of a man's life, not just getting girls. You need to understand that confidence plays a very important part in you getting a job, having friends, and getting girls. Think of confidence as a prerequisite for becoming a man. Yes, it's really that important. You achieve confidence by being positive, being assured in your actions, AND NOT GIVING A FOCK WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU. Most of you are so focking scared to do anything because you place such importance on what other people will think of you, what that girl will think when you approach her, etc. etc. The truth is that most people who you would consider as successful IRL had many failures, but they didn't give a chit about it and they kept pushing on until they achieved what they wanted. This is seriously a big thing that separates the successful man from the unsuccessful one. The successful one kept pushing on and working hard while the unsuccessful one comes to online forums and bitches and whines.

3. TIME: YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME BY WHINING AND MOANING. As sad as it is, most people here simply don't give enough focks about you when you make FA threads. All you are doing to yourself is wasting your time. You need to realize that those threads don't benefit you in anyway. They give you the attention/validation that you crave, but those satisfactions are gone after your thread is done. YOU NEED TO REALIZE THAT THE ONLY WAY TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS IS TO FACE THEM. There is no magic formula, it's simply about putting in the effort and utilizing your time.

4. ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: This is a simple concept that most people here simply don't grasp or understand how important it is. Think of it logically, if you spend all your time inside your house/work, how the hell do you expect to meet people if you just stay here and misc all day? Do you want girls to come knocking on your door and unzip your pants as soon as soon as they come in? Real world doesn't work this way. The most social people are social because they are constantly in social situations. They talk to people, go to parties, go to events, THEY ARE CONSTANTLY NETWORKING. You'd be surprised how much effort people put into socializing AND PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT THERE. It's a very competitive world out there, and other guys will fight tooth and nails just to get that extra social networking opportunity that you are not getting.

5. IT'S NOT EASY: You need to understand these words and repeat them constantly in your head. Everything that's worth having in life or valued highly in life, is very hard to achieve for MOST PEOPLE. Now I know exactly what the typical FA response will be, "but I see so many guys getting girls easily and they are nowhere near as aesthetic as me", blah blah blah. Are you living that person's life? Do you know how much effort he put into improving himself socially? You never know the circumstances of other strangers IRL, or even the miscers here who boast about banging 5 girls a month. You simply don't know jackshiit. Most guys will brag about banging girls easily, but guys love to brag about chit like this to make themselves feel special since sex is valued highly in our society.

Like I said, the road to being successful will not be easy. No one is going to hold your hand and walk you through life. You'll need to learn all this by doing things yourself, by failing, etc.

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