Money can't buy him happiness!

Money, sex, and air; things that you don't think that much about unless you aren't getting any. The fact that he obsesses about his own born into wealth (nothing he earned) tells me he's lacking other places. 

Although money is something we need, it's also a source of greed in the fact that it has an effect on you, where the more you have, the more you want. Someone who makes $25K a year just struggling to make it by on their own will think that if they made 50K a year they would be really happy, then the guy making 50K a year wants to make 100K a year, that guy that makes 100k a year wants to make 250K a year, that guy making 250K a year wants to make 1,000,000 a year, so on, so forth. I get so tired of how the people I know that cry about not making enough money and having to pay taxes saying they are so oppresssed are people who are rather well off. "100K a year really isn't all that much", tell that to someone working a crap job trying to make ends meet.

Also, anyone who thinks money will solve all their problems should watch these documentries about people who won the lottery, it destroyed a lot of lives, it isn't all glory, There are things money can't buy. Fill your life with materiali items to fill the void and you'll end up sadder than before. 

Like that kid, one day he will realize that the only reason anyone is even nice to him is because he has money and they might be able to use him. Kind of a shallow existance.

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