Plato's Cave - The Truman Show

I've recently read about Plato and his allegory of "The Cave".

Plato was a student of Socrates and believed that society was a bloody place because it had killed his beloved teacher. There is injustice, cruelty and stupidity. In the process to struggle against the society he came up with the allegory of the cave. The cave is the way of understanding how to fix society, being ruled by someone who knows what the truth is. Plato believed that there was an answer. Waking up. Is a shock and it is not easy. Like reading Chomsky who says the politicians are full of illusions.

In the cave there is a puppet and there is a reflection on the wall and people who are in the cave only see shadows on the wall, and they try to make sense of these shadows. Until one day when a person breaks away from this cave and is liberated and departs from this cave, only to find the real reality. When the person leaves this cave he finally sees that everything he's believed in was not the truth and there becomes an awakening that comes to the individual.

There can be some similarities drawn with "The Truman Show", a movie about a person whose whole life is televised the day he was born. He is thrown into this reality that was built around him just for the sake of a television show. As Truman grows up, he starts to realize that things are not as they appear, and begins to question his existence and the people around him. He finally breaks away from this pattern of deceit and becomes enlightened to the real world.

Plato believed in the assumption that the unwise live in the world of illusion. He would also say that it wasn't Truman's fault that he was thrown into a world of manipulation since the day he was born. Plato also assumed that the awareness of truth creates pain. At the end of the movie, Truman does in fact reach a sense of wakefulness which introduced pain. To realize that his whole life had been administered by a corporation, however, once he found out, he became wise and was alienated from this forged world.

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