Society is a place of artifice.

I was reading a story called The lady Who Loves Insects the other day and it got me thinking. In past times, it was strange and unnatural to do things that were not part of a tradition, no matter what the culture. People who decided to behave differently were usually labelled outcasts and sought to be punished or in some cases, death. Authors like the one who wrote the The Lady Who Loves Insects resisted those standards and thought outside the box. In today's society, at least in western society, norms have been greatly diminished. I'm not saying that norms have completely gone out the window because things like mannerisms and civilities still matter, but I'm talking about the norms of how people are forced to act and behave or what they are supposed to wear. We have more freedom in the personas that we choose and people are not so quick to judge when there is an outlier of a person. I believe freedom comes when a person can truly not care about what other people think of them and all insecurities and social pressure cease to exist from their life. Without different modes of expression in society, innovation and ideas are stunted and it is thanks to creative thinkers that our society is improving.

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