Technology is taking over our lives!

Technology enhances our daily lives in so many ways. It can reduce the time needed compared to actual physical labour, such as putting cars together, stitching clothes and making food. This past summer I visited Japan and on my travels I went to different restaurants. For several restaurants, they had these machines that sat in front of the restaurants that took your order. You would pay the machines and bring the ticket that it prints out to the chef and they would make and serve the food to you. This process completely neglected the waitress an the hostess completely.

 On recent news, these machines are starting to appear in several McDonalds locations, thus, creating less jobs but the process is becoming so much more efficient. By having these machines, you get exactly what you order with no human errors. It's actually quite scary to think about, like in the movie I-Robot, the movie is based in a futuristic setting, where robots are created to replace all forms of human activity, in which there is one for every household. The robots become so convenient that humans basically turn into vegetables because of how lazy they become.

We can see this happening in todays society, for example people taking machines to travel distances instead of the traditional walking or running and it results in obesity. It's got to the point where items are more precious when they become "hand-crafted". An example of this is companies like Canada Goose and Ferrari, these companies hand craft all their merchandise for precision and that quality feel and by this reason they can increase the prices in comparison to other brands.

With these big assembly lines brings the shortage of material goods. So how can we solve these issues? well the only way is to look for alternative goods, but the problem is that people are not communicating enough with each other to solve these problems. 

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