Should guys pay on the first date?

"Nice gestures" aren't forced under the threat of romantic exclusion.
For some women who are great in other regards not paying for the first date is a dealbreaker and will make them dryer than the sub-sahara desert.You may try to be a man of principle,but for some women attempting to do so would make you a man of principles who doesn't get laid.
It becomes a matter of measuring net benefit.If you met someone who you really like and who is perfect in every other regard,would it be worth blowing your chances over not paying for the first date?Something to think about.
I don't believe you can take a singular event and from that extrapolate every other quality of a person.She might be a stringent traditionalist or someone who just is looking for a sign that someone is emotionally invested(no matter how stupid the logic behind that is).
Unless men colluded the dating market by boycotting en-mass this unegalatarian practice nothing would happen.Feminists are worried about the interests of women and breaking this social norm is clearly against that so it will be weakly opposed but at the same time unchallenged.

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