Does marijuana enhance creativity? or make you dumber?

I believe that when you are under the influence… you have a very small fleeting moment of clarity, ingenuity, creativity, and everything in the world makes sense..

Then you either snap out of it, or fall asleep and wake up with everything you imagined gone. You might be able to pull out a few bits and pieces of your high to benefit you, but its mostly just a very temporary fleeting moment.

I could never do it every day, that to me is a pathetic escape from reality, that leads to depression, addiction, and complacency..
but if you know how to save it for a rainy day, or use it sparingly in preparation for being creative, preparing yourself to come up with something grand.. then YES it is very much worth it.
but like I said, I could not smoke everyday like alot of people now and I see that as a problem more than a self enlightenment.

People are abusing it now, weed is getting laced or combined with other things nowadays to create more enhanced effects so you have to be careful with what you're ingesting!

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