Is communication the key aspect to a relationships success?

I beg to differ.

White knights and feminists want you to think that working out problems will result in a strong relationship with your partner. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although you may be able to resolve arguments and issues you need to ask yourself a question, why do they arise?

Perhaps there truly is a valid conflict at hand, and that it must be resolved. But 95% of the time, it's complete and utter irrelivance. Silly bickering that has no core issue. Unjust arguments, sparked by the urge to corrupt the other's resolve. So what changed, why did a perfectly good relationship turn sour? What flew out the window, that held the Jenga tower of love together?

Respect. That's what's missing.

I believe this is the single most important trait in a relationship. With respect comes trust, and admiration. Key pillars to upholding a strong bond between a couple. The second respect is lost, then that is the moment things begin to go downhill. When disrespect rears it's ugly head, then all hope is lost, or at least, should be.

From what I've learned in relationships and observed from other relationships, the one's that last are the ones that have the most respect. Communication might help you resolve the fighting, but that only delays the inevitable crash to follow. With respect, these fights would not even exist if the couples respected each other. In a relationship, if the girl or guy is putting themselves in situations that are disrespectful to their significant other, then the relationship is doomed to fail. For example, a if a person in a relationship likes to party and to go out a every weekend (which puts them in a position that is more able to cheat) without their s/o, then this is disrespectful to their counterpart. Going out and partying together is fine, and once in a while with your own friends is fine, however if it is constant week after week, then there may be an underlying issue at hand. 

If your s/o feels respect for you, then you know that he/she will praise you through success, and offer a hand when you fall short. Cherish that moment, and never lose your cool. But if you're in a relationship in which you don't feel the warmth of respect washing over you. If you're missing the feeling that you matter to him/her, and that she will follow you; well, you know what time it is..

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