The Axiom of Life

Been doing some thinking over the past week, and I've come upon an axiom that one should base their approach to life around.

This axiom is applicable to most attachments, interactions and relationships in life. 
But is above all absolutely central to "romantic" relationships. Be they marriages, long-term dating, flings, hook-ups etc...

The Axiom is this...

The only way to keep something, and truly love and enjoy the experience, is not be afraid to lose it. 

There is nothing in life that, outside of offspring, that person shouldn't be able to walk away from cleanly and with resolve if it became dishonorable and emotionally detrimental to stay with. 

This goes for a job, a woman, a friendship or a possession. 

A man has to be complete in and unto himself. Everything else, with the noted single exception of his offspring, is an addendum. If it works on your terms fantastic. If not then you can not be reluctant to let it go or cut it loose. 

That's why a person should pursue what makes them happy without fear. Because if you attain it on your terms then its amazing. If you can't attain it on your terms then its better that you don't have it anyway. 

Another person can not "complete" you. You must be complete in and of yourself before you can interact in a healthy and mutually beneficial way with another person. A person who seeks to "find" themselves in another person is fated to be disappointed and desperate. Those that are already complete as a person have something to offer and in return be offered. 

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