Being together.

You can care about, admire, respect, be impressed/intrigued/inspired by a person for a lifetime if they're awesome enough in your eyes. If it's comfortable and you're happy, and you're headed down the same path... why not do it together? 

Most people stop trying, and our culture doesn't exactly encourage relationship longevity anymore, so there's no reason to stay with someone once the honeymoon phase wears off. Things get boring, you move on. Issues pop up, and rather than resolve them, you pile more on top. Rather than put in effort, you start picking fights and being an ass, or focusing on the negative, always looking for reasons to leave instead of reasons to stay. 

Then when it doesn't work out, people play the blame game or make excuses, which is a pile of crap. If you're compatible and both parties truly WANT to be together and make a relationship last, they can, and they can be happy doing it. 

I know too many happy (and brutally honest) old couples to believe that true love is impossible. People are just lazy and fickle. "Sweaty palms" come and go. Talk to some older couples... most will tell you that there are moments that they fall in love all over again. For me, something so fleeting isn't worth chasing. I certainly enjoy it while it lasts, but I don't need it in order to be happy.

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