My sense of Entitlement.

My sense of entitlement comes from within. Once upon a time, I looked in the mirror and wanted to be somebody else. I wasn't 100% sold on who I was? I had tons of flaws I didn't like or respect. And then I thought about all of the characteristics, and traits that I valued in other people. Traits such as Honesty, Integrity, Character, Boldness, Sincerity, Independence, Charm, Charisma, Sense of Humor, etc, etc. And I thought to myself, why am I admiring other people when that person could be me?? I should be admiring myself!! 

So, I went on a mission to be the best person possible. I wanted to look in the mirror one day and be the person I admired and respected most. I never wanted to meet a person I respected more than myself. And as far as I'm concerned, I don't know a single person I'd rather be than ME. Once I became this person. And I respected myself with 100% authentic belief, my confidence went through the Roof and I felt super entitled to everything and anything good. 

And because who I am is super ROOTED. My sense of entitlement doesn't waver on outside circumstances. My sense of entitlement is based on WHO I AM.  My sense of entitlement is based on what I am ABOUT. 
And I feel like I deserve good things in my life because I'm a good person. Therefore, I'm never in a situation where I don't feel like I deserve something positive. 

I believe self entitlement is the foundation of true core confidence. Genuine self worth. Then combining traits like social intelligence, Humour, Body language, you can create and attract value to those around you.

And because you think highly of yourself, you automatically feel like you deserve the BEST. 

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