Real Love.

Real love... it's definitely out there. I've had it before.

Been on the rocks a lot in our relationship. We've fought to what felt like our last breath, yet have survived through hard work and a commitment to each other. 

Can't tell ya all how many times dudes and chicks alike told us there's no hope for our relationship and yet every time my ex and I have eventually come out stronger than before. Hard work. Commitment. A willingness to hold onto hope and faith with a death grip.

We belong to each other and we know this, the intimacy and connection is an epiphany that shouts "This is what it's all about man! This is the kind of love you were born to give.". 

Most guys around don't hesitate to shoot down any bro's aspirations of looking for a true relationship with a girl, callin' him a beta b1tch and such....sure to be disappointed if he doesn't just bang s1uts and live up the single life going to clubs every weekend.

Look, some of us are cool to go around and freely sex it with any girl that's willing and others feel it in their heart that they were made to be in a relationship with a 1-and-only soul mate who feels the same.

Neither is wrong, TO EACH HIS OWN....take it from me though, the kind of love where an unyielding friendship and physical attraction come together with the same girl does exist.

Don't lie to yourself... If you're the kind of man who feels that investing your heart and soul for a girl who does the same is right for you, then by all means go for it and don't let others take you away with their own negative say on the matter.

So whether you're a tomcat with the ladies, or a loverboy like me, Enjoy it for what it is.

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